Our deep Italian roots are enhanced in the style and design of our jewelry, which draws inspiration from the countless stimuli that our beautiful country constantly provides with its cultural richness, history, values, and infinite beauty. 

We chose our headquarters to be in Milan, the world capital of fashion and design. 

Its cultural dimension allows us to participate in the rich and continuous dialogue between these two worlds: the original concepts that sprout from this interaction are translated into the design of our jewelry. A kind of jewelry that reflects our maniacal attention to detail, wearing comfort and balance of proportions. 

We spot and intercept market trends, keeping away from the excesses of mainstream fashions. We create original jewelry meant to last.


We always are oriented towards innovation, firmly believing that there is no limit to improvement for those who dare challenging themselves. 

This process does not only concern ourselves but also those who work for us: we believe that “innovation” also means challenging and enhancing the skills of our trusted Italian goldsmiths to create jewelry that no one else could make in the same way. 

Innovation is part of every step of our product development: it is a relentless research, on a global scale, for new technologies and materials to ensure that every single element of our jewelry is made in the best way possible in the marketplace.


We strongly wanted to create a transparent supply chain to ensure the environmental and social sustainability of our jewelry. 

Our trusted suppliers certify that the origin of all the gems and raw materials used in our products, to ensure that they do not come from war zones or result from workers’ exploitation. 

Our supplier network includes only partners adhering to the Kimberley Process. 

We believe in constructive entrepreneurship that can contribute in a positive way to the welfare of the areas in which we operate.


The customer is the center of our attention, even and especially after the sale of our jewelry is completed. Our agents and distributors are always close to the retailers, ready to collect their inquiries and update them on our news. 

Our after-sales service is available to support our customers in solving any issue related to the product. We guarantee service on each of our jewelry, no matter the value. 

In the unlikely and rare event of a defective product, the customer may request, during the warranty period, the repair or replacement of the item at no cost. In case expired warranty, we only charge the customer for operational costs, without any additional margin. 

We can tailor an existing product to the end customers‘ requirements, always finding a reasonable solution, so that we can fully satisfy them. 

We guarantee the realization of all our archival models, even if they are out of production. 

We also support the customer from a commercial point of view, both by guaranteeing the possibility of supplying quickly from our stock, if necessary even on a consignment basis, and with very competitive commercial agreements.