Jovane Milano was founded in 2006, basing its roots on a solid decade of experience in the production of precious jewelry.

We sailed on this adventure driven by the desire to offer the market a kind of product that was not sufficiently represented. A concept of jewelry that while precious, could still be accessible, measured, versatile and recognizable: a new way of expressing our ideal of luxury in jewelry.

 After giving a structure to our company, creating its production and commercial bases, we went through - and overcame - the many turbulences of the global market, managing to maintain a steady growth trajectory in the long run. 

We gradually stepped into the foreign markets, creating and consolidating a network of partner agents and distributors, enabling us to reach new customers around the world. 

We invested time and resources in research, developing the skills needed to produce a very innovative product.

Our production philosophy and our extremely high-quality standards helped us forge long-lasting collaborations with some of the biggest international high jewelry brands. 

We are constantly working on improving our structure to tackle the next chapters of our history by aiming for further development in international markets. 

We are an independent company, financially sound and oriented to an organic and virtuous growth.